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Unfortunately, most nonprofits fail to do this well...if at all.

what our clients have said:

Let's face it: After writing appeals for your organization for several years, it can be extremely challenging to craft fresh language to describe your programs and services. If YOU are bored by what you have to say, chances are very good your donors are too! You fall into the rut of doing what everyone else does, and tell your donor all about what you did last month, include some 'news from the director's desk', etc., when what they really want to know is what life-changing thing occurred because they gave you money!

We can help.  We've written appeals and donor newsletters that have had stellar results (even one that measured more than a 70:1 Return on Investment!). We've helped clients achieve what we like to call 'Return on Mission'...that sweet place where people begin to really understand and love what you do! When that happens, your donors eagerly anticipate your next newsletter so they can hear how their gifts are changing lives and changing the world, and they feel absolutely thrilled to be a part of making that happen!

Our expertise and insight has assisted organizations to increase donations by as much as 400% during the course of one year! Are your direct mail responses dwindling? Are you spending lots of time drafting and mailing appeals that just don't pay off?  Let us help you create donor communications that people want to open, and let us help you change your donors from reluctant givers to active investors in your mission!

“Julie Rodda is a skilled consultant who brings creativity and fresh perspective to every project!

Rodda Consulting has been a valuable  partner to Family Service as we  work to optimize our fundraising and donor communication programs. With Julie’s help, we’ve refreshed our approach to donor communications, and have secured tens of thousands of additional dollars in funding and donor gifts to advance our mission.”

 – Shelley Ellison, (former) Development Director, Family Service, Inc.

We can improve your:

  • Direct Mail
  • Donor Appeals
  • Newsletters
  • Case Statements

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