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What our clients have said:

"Our facilitator demonstrated deep knowledge and very practical  experience in the non-profit sector -her excellent facilitation and  question asking skills kept our group on  task but still gave us 'great latitude' for important discussions...This made the results much more 'real world'' for us, and  ultimately better for our organization and its health".   

Tim Hart, Board Member, Sacred Portion Children's Outreach (Bozeman, MT).

​​What change do you want to create?

Whether you need help getting un-stuck, or to identify clear goals and the steps that will help to achieve success, we can assist you to hone your vision for the future. 

Whether your goals are bigger than life, or simply to make a significant impact at the local level, we can help you on the road to achieving success. Take the first step in this conversation by contacting us today. 

Successful organizations make strategy and planning the very first thing they do to ensure success. 

They want to know where they are going, and have clear direction on how they will get there.

What else? They want to be able to measure their level of success at various points along the way. 


Strategic Planning calls leaders together to define vision,

determine direction and set goals.

This process assists your organization to identify a clear path

that can be joined and celebrated by others!

Julie Rodda, owner of Rodda Consulting, is skilled at leading discussions with groups that want to define where they are going and make plans for how they will get there. Her careful questions and guiding of conversations have helped numerous organizations begin on a path that is clear, defined, and easy to communicate to others.

When everyone in your organization is headed in the same direction, great things happen! Contact us to begin the journey today.