Building a Case for Support

Include your donor in the vision: how to craft a great case for support!

           In this workshop, participants will come to understand the elements that must go into an amazing and compelling case for support, and how to decide what to use when it comes to creating their own dynamic presentation. 

           Session attendees will come away with an understanding of 'case for support'

components,  how to arrange these components within their documents, and why their organization will benefit  from the process of identifying and creating a case for support--

A clear visually supported statement about your needs, goals and plans to achieve success in ways that visually frames information in ways that engages every reader.


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Popular sessions:

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Grant Seeking:

Grant Seeking 101: (4-6 hour course) For those new to grant seeking, or those who have written grants with little to no funding success.                                                                                                              Participants learn how to: research foundations that match their programs and projects, draft a letter of inquiry, format a project or program budget that meets grant seeking standards, learn how to use data to support their program or project need, and understand how to submit a proposal. Information in this session covers on-line applications vs. paper applications, word counts and how to say more with a limited number of words or characters, and tools that help you keep copies of everything you submit to a potential funder. Information is provided on the importance of making connections with the prospective funder prior to submitting your proposal, and so much more!

Grant Seeking 201 - (4 - 6 hour course) For those with a level of success in grant seeking, this training focuses on the 'major proposal'.  

              Compared to smaller proposals, what do you need to know when going after larger dollars? This one tackles a project step by step and shows how to master each section of a proposal. You will be asked to consider how receiving a larger grant will impact your organization and if you've budgeted for audits, reporting and additional bookkeeping involved, as well as maintaining and nurturing organizational culture during times of upward growth and staff additions. This session focuses on how to write for the reviewer, the 'nuts and bolts' of what it takes to get a great proposal 'out the door', and many things you might not have considered. Participants will come away from this training empowered to draft and then submit a quality major proposal.

Federal Grant Seeking: This two-day training module will provide the insight and knowledge of how to apply for federal funding with greater confidence. With highly unique language used by government agencies, and lengthy Request for Proposal (RFP)  instructions to wade through as challenges, this session will help you identify how to write succinctly and clearly for the the federal review panel. These reviewers will score your proposal--their recommendations determine whether or not your request rises above others and gets in front of the top decision makers.                                         

              Participants will come away from this training with a solid understanding of how to read and respond to an RFP, know the basics of how to register to apply, download the application package, understand the terminology used in request for proposals, and be able to tell the difference between goals, outcomes, outputs, and activities. This course will cover the use of a logic model or Gannt Timeline Chart as a tool to enhance your story, detail how and when to request letters of support; how to manage a timeline for applying, and be able to apply for federal funding with greater skill and confidence. Proficiency towards receiving funding from Federal sources will be gained. Copies of real grants that have been awarded are used as reference tools to understand just what a winning federal proposal looks like.

            This session is taught by an accomplished grant writer who has written numerous fully-funded federal proposals--even during highly competitive cycles where only one or two were chosen in the nation. She has served 12 years with the (Federal) Office of Community Service as a Grant Reviewer and Chairperson of Federal Reviews for determining which applications score high enough to merit further attention by agency leaders.​                                          

Fundraising Plan Workshop:(4-6 hour workshop). This presentation involves all the elements of the course noted above, and then adds activities for hands-on individual or co-workers 'plan building'. Participants will learn what should and/or can be included in a plan and then work on drafting a working outline to 'take home' and begin to use from this interactive session.  

            Each attendee will learn the How and Why of Raising Funds for their Organization, Goal Setting, Buy-in strategies from Board Members (and why that matters!) and be more equipped for leading the fiscal health of their organization. Target audience: Every Executive Director or Development Director in a small to medium sized nonprofit who wants to be able to gain skills for resourcing their organization. The course includes basic to intermediate skill building for achieving funding success via resource and development planning. 

Planning For Success:(90 minute breakout session) This presentation helps nonprofit leaders understand the critical role that Strategic Planning and Goal Setting plays in organizational health and vitality. The session will highlight the key elements a strategic or visioning plan should include, highlights the changes that should occur once planning has taken place, and discuss the importance of benchmarks and celebrating milestones. Examples of real nonprofits which have followed strategic planning and goal setting will be provided as highlights to showcase types of  accomplishments nonprofits might realize once strategic planning and road mapping is firmly in place and followed. Target audience: Executive Directors and Board Members.

Fundraising and Strategic Planning Workshops:

​​Fundraising Plans and Why They Matter:  This 90 minute breakout session highlights and explains what you should consider when building your annual funding plan. Attendees will be able to take this information to build a design that works for the needs of their nonprofit. This session will show why organizations use funding plans, how it informs budgeting processes, and why success levels significantly increase when a clear plan is followed.

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